Luggage storage

Luggage storage

We offer luggage storage in our store. You can leave your bags throughout the day. The prices are per suitcase, per day.

Enjoy the day without worrying about your bags. We keep an eye on your luggage until your plane or train departs. If you need to leave your bags to enjoy the activities you have planned in the city, it is best to leave them in a luggage storage. Forget about having to carry the family’s luggage or having to roll it all over the city. At our baggage storage you can store your luggage, whether large or small, at a minimum cost. This will allow you to get around the city much faster: you will save time so you can fit in everything you have planned before you leave.

The luggage storage will remain open during our normal opening hours, so you can leave or pick up your luggage at any time during this time. It is also the perfect option while waiting to enter your hotel or apartment reservation. If you keep your luggage in our luggage store you will not have to wait for the room to be ready, you will be able to take advantage of the day from the beginning and start your activities early.




From 09:30 h. until 7:00 p.m.


From: € 2

Extras included

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