Excursion to Itálica

Trip to the first Roman city, Italica

Did you know that in Seville we have our particular Rome in small ? Book your excursion to Itálica just 10 minutes from Seville.
We are talking about the Trajan’s hometown Did you know that he was the first emperor to be born outside of Italy? The beauty of this place is so spectacular that even Game of Thrones they cast their eyes. We speak of a Roman city founded in 206 BC and where the already named Trajan and Hadrian were born.
It is a route to the past. Thanks to its state of preservation you can quickly transport yourself to Roman life . On this excursion to Italica you will know what day-to-day life was like in a Roman city. How buildings and houses were built In addition to visiting its beautiful Amphitheater which was one of the largest in the Roman Empire.
Do you want to book an excursion to Italica? Book with at least four days in advance and minimum for two people . The hiring of this service has included the price of the tickets . In addition, you can visit Italica in Spanish, English, French and Italian. Book now!

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Exit at 09: 45h. and approximate arrival at 13: 45h.


Adults: 38 €

Children: 24 €

Extras included

Tickets included.

Book at least four days in advance.


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