Renting a bike in Seville is a wonder! If you like to discover a city in a unique and ecological way, it is one of the best options. You can enjoy a city with a classic and urban bike. Also, because they are light and comfortable, less effort is required! Book your bike now and get a map of the city.

Do you know that you can also add a guided tour? Discovering a place in the hands of those who know it best can be a great decision. So, select the language in which you prefer to visit and enjoy!


A lover of mountain biking? You can visit Seville on our fantastic Mountain Bike. While city bikes have a more urban touch, these bicycles have a more robust look. Their rims are wider than a city bike, so they guarantee good grip.

Do not hesitate to enjoy Seville in your way. Book a mountain bike and go everywhere!

You can also book a guided tour of Seville to discover the city with the best guides.


Planning to visit with children? Book a child’s bike and show them Seville in a fun and eco-friendly way. Visit Seville with your children. Not only will you discover the city, you will also have a great time as a family. What’s more, kids will get some exercise!

Helmets for children under 16 are included in the price, so they will always be safe.

You can also take a guided tour of Seville with a guide that adapts the tour to the age of the youngest child. Not only will adults get to learn more about the city, children will leave with a great memory of Seville.


Why not book a skateboard in Seville ? If you are a lover of this sport, enjoy visiting the city the way you like best. It is an alternative way to move around the city. In an ecological but also very original way.

The historic center of Seville is one of the largest in Europe. So, for a skater, it must be a dream to be able to discover it on their favorite method of transport.

Skateboards can be booked for 6 or 12 hours. Practically a whole day! And you can also add a guided tour in the following languages: Spanish, English, Italian or French.


Are you a daring person? Discover Seville on roller skates. It’s a different and fun way to get to know a city. What’s more, being on wheels is less tiring than walking and you go a lot faster! A great option to visit one of the largest historic centers in Europe.

Our roller skates are a classic model and we have a wide range of sizes. Enjoy seeing the sights in a healthy and efficient way on our roller skates!


Why take your baby’s stroller on the trip if you can book a stroller in Seville? This allows you to visit the city in a convenient and easy way.

If travelling by bus or plane, a buggy can be uncomfortable and heavy. Even if you travel with your own vehicle, it can take up too much space in the car. Not to worry! Don’t bring your baby’s stroller to Seville—book one for 1, 2 or 3 days. You will receive a free gift: a magnificent map of the city.