Granada offers a great cultural and historical legacy, presided over by the Alhambra, an Arab palace where the Nasrid dynasty lived, considered one of the most beautiful places in the world and the most popular tourist attraction in Andalusia. Once there, the guide will accompany you as you discover this palace, declared a World Heritage Site.


On this route we will head to the Strait of Gibraltar in the early morning. Tangier offers a huge cultural and historical legacy. Straddling the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, this city hides a cosmopolitan aroma that unites the cultures of Africa and Europe


Walk along the famous path of El Caminito del Rey. The route runs between the reservoir of Guadalhorce-Guadalteba and the town of El Chorro in Málaga province. It dates back to 1921 when King Alfonso XII, after the inauguration of the Conde de Guadalhorce dam, crossed the previously built path. From then on, it became known as El Caminito del Rey.


Córdoba, a city that was the most populous in the world in the tenth century, offers us a rich cultural and historical picture. Once there, the guide will help you discover the streets of the historic center of the city, declared a World Heritage Site.


This tour will take us to the Costa de la Luz. After passing through Jerez (where, if desired, you can add a visit to its most international winery, Tio Pepe) and Puerto de Santa María, we will arrive at the capital, known as La Tacita de Plata, where our guide will take you to the city center, next to the Cathedral, to discover the oldest city in Europe with more than three millennia of history.


Gibraltar is a small piece of Great Britain strategically located between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This place, which has been under English rule for more than three centuries, has a special atmosphere.


Itálica was the first Roman city founded on the Iberian Peninsula and the birthplace of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian. From Seville, it takes just minutes to get to this archaeological site.